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Cleaning... 1940's Style!

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Let's face it, cleaning can be a real task. Daunting, overwhelming, and just plain boring. If a house or room is really in a state of chaos, a person can just totally give up. But what if it wasn't overwhelming? What if you could clean in increments that made time for other fun things?

I used to be a career woman with all the signs of time, no energy, no life. Yes, my lovely home was, at best, a stop over for me as I ran from event to meeting to event. I had no time to enjoy me home let alone clean it. OK, I admit I was fortunate enough to be able to hire several cleaning professionals to keep my home clean and somewhat tidy, but no one gave my home the loving care that it deserved. Fast forward to a forced medical retirement. I now had time to do what I longed to do...clean my house from top to bottom, organize it, and keep it that way. But how? I turned to my Vintage obsession with the 1940's. Those ladies, which included my mom and mother-in-law, knew how to take care of a home. They must know a secret on how to clean. Perhaps a secret society that only the 1940's generation were privy. Ok, it couldn't be that complicated!

One day, perusing the internet, I stumbled upon my answer. A 1940's daily and weekly cleaning schedules! I was s excited. I had finally found the secret! Basically, there is a daily routine of tidying up, dusting, and vacuuming. Then each day of the week focuses on specific rooms. My weekly schedule is: Monday: Three Bathrooms, Tuesday: Hallways, Laundry Room, Wednesday: Four Bedrooms, Thursday: Living, Family, and Dining Rooms, Friday: Kitchen. The weekends are now mine to enjoy with just a quick tidying up. I usually pick one or two special tasks like straightening drawers or closets. To help you, my friends out, I included the lists below.

So, in conclusion, I called my mom to tell her about this amazing cleaning schedule I came across and she said, "Oh that! I used to follow that. You should have asked me." The Greatest Generation still rules! Mother knows best. 💕

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