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Breakfast with Audrey

It is breakfast time in my house. Lightly scented candles are lit, my vegetarian breakfast is served on delicate English dishes, gourmet coffee is swiftly perking in the coffee pot, and homemade strawberry preserves are ready to be spread on my freshly baked Rustic bread. Soft music is playing as I savor each bite. All is as it should be, and then… “it” happened. The 1961 tune, “Moon River” began to play. The song that made me cry at the end of the iconic movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” The five-time, Oscar nominated film starred the iconic Miss Audrey Hepburn. Wasn’t she grand? Just look at her. That perfectly groomed dark hair, those soulful eyes, her svelte figure, her perfectly shaped red lips, and that Mona Lisa smile. It is no wonder she was picked for this classic movie. For only Audrey could outshine a Tiffany diamond. Audrey Hepburn was the quintessential lady of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Audrey was reserved, mannered, and a true fashion trendsetter. You cannot help but think of the grace, charm, and elegance when you see her image.

Audrey Hepburn was known for her fashion sense on and off the camera. Her clothing in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “Roman Holiday,” and “Sabrina” was legendary. Perfectly coiffed hair, dramatic hats, leather gloves, A-line dresses, Midi skirts, black cropped pants, dark sunglasses, ballet flats, and the simple head scarf are all trademarks of this chic and polished icon. Audrey never left the house looking a mess. On the contrary, she always sported a manicured look that somehow came off looking simple but elegant. We as ladies can learn a lot from Audrey. Let me explain.

Audrey often wore black cropped pants, a turtleneck, upswept hair, and dark glasses. She finished the outfit off with a simple pair of black ballet flats. No jewelry. No loud patterns. Just plain and simple Audrey. This ensemble can easily be worn to the grocery store, the mall, or to an afternoon luncheon or tea. You must admit, this look is far from tight leggings, a sloppy t-shirt, and flipflops that you see strolling down the isles of a market today. Audrey would have no such part of that kind of fashion faux pas, so neither should we.

Audrey also knew the value of wearing hats. And boy could she wear a hat! Big ones, half ones, feathered ones, and cute ones. Audrey was born to wear hats. Ladies, when I was a little girl, I still wore hats on Sunday to church and sometimes to the market. It was also not uncommon to see ladies tying a scarf around their heads when the skies opened and began pouring. Ladies did not feel an outfit was complete without a complimentary hat or silk head scarf. Till this day, Queen Elizabeth II and Catherine “Kate” Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, still wear them. And why not? Hats are stylish, practical, and make a great fashion accessory. When possible, I always add a hat to my Vintage outfits. After all, Audrey would never dream of pulling her hair up in a ponytail and slapping on a ski cap or baseball hat, so why would we? Be like Audrey. Wear a hat!

Audrey started out her career as a classically trained ballet dancer. Dancing was her true passion, so it is not a wonder that she chose ballet flats as her shoe choice. Audrey was petit so she could have easily gotten away with stiletto heels, but that was not her style. Audrey did wear the occasional pumps when she wore dresses and evening gowns, but for the most part, leather ballet flats were her preference. She was never photographed in flipflops, athletic shoes, or unrefined shoes of any type. She was too much of a lady for that! Audrey followed the KISS method…Keep It Simple, Stupid. I suggest that we follow her lead. Ballet flats are a welcomed change of pace from our platforms, 3” heels, and pointed-toe shoes that make our feet feel like they are in vices. The next time you go shopping, just think, “what would Audrey wear?” Then grab your best ballet flats and get your retail on!

Trench coats are pretty much a thing of the past. The days of a London Fog raincoat being worn by women are gone. Today, women choose casual jackets, sweaters, or no coat at all. If you think about it, trench coats were a darn good idea for keeping the rain off ladies lovely clothing. The last time I checked, rain has not changed. It is still wet, and it still damages and soaks clothing. Audrey Hepburn was known for her classic trench coats. After all, she did spend some of her childhood in England, which is known for its rainy, foggy weather. The place where London Fog coats originated and for good reason. So, Audrey knew the value of wearing a trench coat when the weather turned wet. A simple raincoat with a scarf wrapped around the neck makes a beautiful picture. It is practical, it is classy, and it is what Audrey would do when it rains. So, ladies, when April showers bring May flowers, grab that rain coat out of the closet and make it shine!

My breakfast is finally finished, and my daydreams of Audrey are exhausted. As I walk up the stairs to begin getting dressed for the day, I can hear “Moon River” playing in the soundtrack of my mind. As I open my closet and walk in, I am once again immersed in the image of Audrey Hepburn. Of Holly Golightly, of Princess Ann, and of Sabrina. All classy ladies that set the bar high for fashion and grace. As I pull out my black turtleneck, hound's-tooth cigarette pants, and black leather ballet flats, I manage a slight smile. I know Audrey would be proud!

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