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All Dolled Up


Why Dress Vintage?

Taking the step to dress in Vintage (aka 1940's & 50's) attire everyday is a leap of faith. It takes a lot of discipline and some investment, but the pay off is wonderful. Dressing vintage is more than a hat or dress. It's an overall attitude of grace, femininity, and poise. Making the change to vintage kind of liberated me and gave me the style and grace I always wished that I had. When I'm in my vintage dresses, hats, gloves, and shoes I feel like I am the lady I was born to be. Do I get stares? Yes. Do I get compliments? Yes. Do I care that I look different from the modern woman? No, I actually don't. I am embracing a new way of life that is actually a wonderful era gone by! 💋 

How to Create a Vintage Look with Make-Up Video

Wear A Brooch - Make A Statement


Class up any outfit by adding a colorful brooch to a collar, lapel, or scarf. Brooches come in all shapes and sizes. They also make lovely presents for friends. Remember, you can never go wrong wearing a brooch!

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